AI Revolution in Logistics: The rise of smart “LogiBrains”

Reitar AI

In the dynamic world of supply chain and logistics, the convergence of technology and operational efficiency has become paramount. Recently, SAP SE declared that artificial intelligence (AI) represents the most significant opportunity since the rise of cloud computing.

Government led the Low-Altitude Economy: Driving the Future Industry

Low-Altitude Economy

In the post-pandemic era, China has actively developed the low-altitude economy, which is one of the strategic emerging industries in recent years. It encompasses comprehensive economic activities related to low-altitude flight within the airspace range below 1000 meters vertically and extending up to 3000 to 4000 meters when necessary.

Providing PLT Solution to Integrate Logistics and Technology

Reitar Provides Plt Solution

NFI Industries, a logistics giant in North America, showcased the achievements of its unmanned drone inventory management solution at the 2024 MODEX conference, but didn’t mention the challenges in achieving the integration of logistics and technology.