Innovative One-Stop Cold Chain Logistics Solution Addresses Diverse Industry Needs

With the rapid development of fresh e-commerce and food retail industries, customers’ requirements for food quality, safety, and freshness have been continuously rising. To meet the cold chain logistics needs of its business customers, SF Express Hong Kong has announced the launch of a brand-new one-stop cold chain logistics solution.

This solution covers airport pickup, cold storage, customized labeling and packaging, as well as temperature-controlled delivery throughout the entire process. It can address the needs of various industries, such as fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, flowers, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals, ensuring product quality and providing efficient, reliable, and convenient cold chain solutions for customers.

SF Express is introducing more value-added services and customized solutions to address the pain points and demands of cold chain logistics, forming a comprehensive “airport pickup + warehousing + distribution” cold chain service. This not only significantly reduces operational costs but also flexibly addresses customers’ personalized needs, substantially enhancing SF Express’s competitiveness in the cold chain logistics field.
This logistics solution aligns with the ” smart logistics ecosystem ” concept that Reitar has been advocating. In the ever-changing business environment, Reitar provides enterprises with flexible and efficient integrated logistics technology solutions through its Property + Logistics Technology (PLT) platform to address the challenges in warehouse management.

In addition to helping operators apply logistics technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs, the PLT platform also helps asset owners fully utilize the advantages of logistics technology to increase the value of their assets, creating more business opportunities and achieving a win-win situation. Reitar is committed to building a new operational model for the smart logistics ecosystem, starting from assets, empowered by technology, and combining operational needs to create maximum value and benefits for customers.


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