John Chan

Reitar's Motto

"Revitalising Every Value"

In the logistics industry, asset-light strategies have become increasingly popular among logistics operators. This has led to a reluctance to invest heavily in automation systems and relevant logistics equipment and facilities, which are critical to increasing operating efficiency and achieving success in the industry.
Reitar’s turnkey asset management solutions for real estate funds can help attract the necessary capital to invest in logistics assets with automation, equipment, and facilities. Reitar’s expertise in the logistics real estate market and its extensive network of contacts within the logistics industry enable it to provide its clients with the most relevant and current information and insights. This helps real estate funds to identify suitable logistics assets that meet the specific needs of logistics operators and have the potential for high returns on investment. Reitar’s asset management services are designed to enhance asset value by utilizing advanced logistics technology, securing leases based on market trends, and providing integrated asset management services. This allows real estate funds to maximize the potential for rental income and asset appreciation.
Overall, Reitar’s turnkey asset management solutions provide a win-win situation for both real estate funds and logistics operators. Real estate funds can attract capital to invest in logistics assets with automation, equipment, and facilities, while logistics operators can benefit from smart logistics solutions without having to invest in heavy capital expenditure themselves. This approach allows both parties to focus on their core competencies and achieve their business goals more effectively.
John Chan
Chairman & CEO of Reitar Group