Providing PLT Solution to Integrate Logistics and Technology

NFI Industries, a prominent logistics provider in North America, showcased the effectiveness of their drone inventory management solution at the 2024 MODEX conference. However, they did not address the challenges associated with integrating logistics and technology.

The advantages of drones and automated inventory management include cost reduction, improved safety, and enhanced efficiency in inventory management. However, applying artificial intelligence technology to logistics still presents significant obstacles. Giants like NFI need to tackle multiple challenges, including securing investment capital, gaining expertise in logistics technology application (including software and hardware integration), and managing and maintaining the implemented solutions. From development to practical implementation, issues such as funding, technology, regulatory compliance, data security and privacy, and employee training need to be resolved.

In NFI Industries’ case, they may have financial support but lack the necessary technology network upgrades. They need to seek partnerships to overcome communication barriers with technology providers, as these providers often lack practical experience in operating logistics supply chains. Conversely, small and medium-sized enterprises face even greater difficulties due to limited funding and technology networks.

REITAR has introduced a Property + Logistic Technology (PLT) solution, which integrates asset management with logistics technology, empowering assets through technology.

We address these challenges through the following approaches:

1) Financial support: REITAR serves as a platform that brings together assets and logistics technology, offering asset management services to logistics asset investors, including funds, family offices, property owners, high-net-worth investors, and other stakeholders.

2) Technology upgrades: Leveraging their extensive logistics network, they provide comprehensive technology solutions, encompassing software and hardware integration, to assist businesses in implementing and upgrading logistics technology applications.

3) Comprehensive solutions: They deliver end-to-end logistics technology solutions, including technical solution design, professional consulting, project management, and optimization engineering, enabling businesses to plan and fully realize the potential of logistics technology.

REITAR helps businesses overcome challenges related to funding and technology, thereby achieving the fusion of logistics and technology.

Learn more about Reitar’s PLT: Reitar PLT Platform


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