Reitar PLT Platform – (1) Comprehensive Solutions

The integrated Property + Logistics Technology (PLT) platform of Reitar Logtech Group offers a comprehensive suite of solutions covering:

1) Asset management:

A range of services for clients includes:
• Sourcing suitable properties.
• Adding value through advanced logistics tech.
• Providing flexible leasing and integrated asset solutions based on market demand.
As leveraging an extensive logistics network, the latest and most insightful logistics real estate insights are provided. Through collaborating with this platform, investment clients can utilize its logistics coverage network to identify optimal logistics investment programs.

2) Logistics Technology:

Integrated logistics technology solutions are provided to balance the needs of investors and operators while optimizing stakeholder interests. These solutions inject innovative logistics technologies group-wide to boost asset value appreciation and ensure projects achieve the best results and efficiency.

3) Professional consultancy:

End-to-end support for logistics real estate projects includes due diligence, feasibility analysis, related license applications, and logistics property/industrial building planning and design advice.

4) Building & Construction:

Reitar established a construction management arm to specialize in construction and project management integrated with smart logistics. We provide comprehensive support and offer dedicated construction management and engineering services for logistics real estate projects.

The PLT platform delivers an innovative, highly efficient solution addressing logistics real estate needs. In addition to aiding client property/investment selection, it provides professional advisory, construction capabilities, and advanced logistics technologies to maximize client value and returns.

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