AI Revolution in Logistics: The rise of smart “LogiBrains”

In the dynamic world of supply chain and logistics, the convergence of technology and operational efficiency has become paramount. Recently, SAP SE declared that artificial intelligence (AI) represents the most significant opportunity since the rise of cloud computing. This transformative force is reshaping decision-making, streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction across the industry.

Given SAP SE’s emphasis on leveraging AI to tackle supply chain challenges, Reitar, as a logistics and technology company, is well-positioned to align with this value proposition. We both focus on optimizing and improving logistics management, achieved through the utilization of AI technology.

Our PLT (Property + Logistic Technology) solution revolves around asset-centricity, empowered by technology. It seamlessly integrates asset and logistics technology to enhance asset management. At its core lies the innovative concept of ‘LogiBrains’, an AI-driven system specifically designed for optimizing logistics management. By leveraging large-scale language models, data science, and AI technology, LogiBrains aims to achieve seamless connectivity across supply chain segments. It drives intelligent decisions, automation, efficiency, cost reduction, and sustainable logistics practices.

From this perspective, whether it’s SAP SE’s AI technology or our LogiBrains technology, both play distinct key roles in the logistics industry.

Learn more about Reitar’s LogiBrains:

Source: Logistics Matters

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