“Property + Logistics Technology” PLT Platform – (1) SmartMore LogiBrains

The PLT platform brings together assets and logistics technology (PLT), using assets as the core facilitated by technology. Reitar partners with SmartMore Logtech to utilize innovative logistics technology, “LogiBrains” operating an extensive logistics network.

What is “LogiBrains”?

LogiBrains leverages large language models as the driving mechanism, aggregating advanced data science and artificial intelligence technologies focused on logistics scenarios to enable revolutionary improvements in logistics management.

In LogiBrains, expertise and skills from the logistics industry are incorporated into large language models to facilitate understanding and handling of complex logistics issues and demands. An automated framework for large language models has been developed to autonomously drive the system to complete procedural work.

“LogiBrains” Applications:

  • Continuity Across Links

LogiBrains aims to eliminate information silos in the supply chain to achieve continuity between each link. All participants can access link information in real-time through LogiBrains to enable efficient collaboration and timely decision-making, from warehouse resource transactions to operations and logistics to park management.

  • Data-Driven Intelligent Decision Making

As an intelligent logistics platform, LogiBrains enables real-time monitoring and smart decision-making based on data utilizing advanced analytical technologies and machine learning algorithms. It collects and analyzes supply chain data, from order to inventory status to transportation strategies and demand forecasts. With these insights, LogiBrains can optimize processes and provide accurate support, significantly improving efficiency and flexibility while reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Advanced Automation

Traditional logistics management heavily relies on manual work and choices, which is inefficient and error-prone. By integrating IoT and big data technologies, LogiBrains can automate most tasks using its robust analysis and decision-making capabilities.

  • Sustainable Development

LogiBrains aims to advance sustainable logistics practices by optimizing planning and resource use to lower energy/emissions while contributing to eco-friendly logistics.

LogiBrains connects supply chain links through these innovative technologies, enables data-driven decisions, automates tasks to boost efficiency, reduces costs, and promotes sustainability for unprecedented logistics intelligence and optimization.

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