Reitar Stays Ahead of the Game: National Cold Storage Warehouse Investment Surges by 22.5% in 2024 Q1

China’s cold chain industry is set for growth and development, driven by the country’s substantial investment in cold chain logistics infrastructure.
Recent investments, including the construction of cold storage facilities and the adoption of smart temperature control equipment, highlight China’s commitment to ensuring the safe transportation of perishable goods and agricultural products.

According to data from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, investment in cold storage warehouses in China has witnessed a remarkable 22.5% year-on-year growth in the first quarter of this year. The total investment in national cold chain warehousing projects amounts to approximately 14.7 billion yuan (around 2.07 billion US dollars).

Additionally, there is a growing demand for leased cold chain warehouses in China, exceeding 510,000 square meters, signalling the need to expand storage capacity to meet the rising market demands.

In parallel, the development of cold chain logistics aligns closely with the strategic direction of Reitar Logtech. Since the inception of the Greater Bay Area’s logistics technology ecosystem, Reitar has been focused on the development and promotion of data-driven logistics technology, perfectly complementing the opportunities within the cold chain logistics sector.

For instance, as part of its collaboration with urban development in the Bay Area, Reitar has partnered with Zhuhai Gree Group’s the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Bonded Logistics Industrial Park project in Zhuhai, utilizing it as a pilot platform. Furthermore, Reitar is actively involved in the construction of high-density refrigerated warehousing and automated logistics warehouse projects in Hong Kong.

Reitar has long recognized and implemented a collaboration across various fields and with the Greater Bay Area to build a logistics technology ecosystem. Simultaneously, it has focused on the development and promotion of operational data-driven logistics technology to maximize the industry’s ecological value.

This aligns perfectly with the opportunities presented by cold chain logistics, positioning Reitar as a leading provider of investment solutions that integrate assets and logistics technology.

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