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“Property + Logistics Technology” PLT Platform – (4) Asset Partners
February 15, 2024

Asset partners comprise capital investors and real estate providers with financial resources and physical logistics properties such as warehouses, logistics centers, and distribution centers. Both parties are driven by achieving long-term stable returns and asset appreciation, but they may need more experience in operating logistics assets.

“Property + Logistics Technology” PLT Platform – (3) Logistics Operations
February 6, 2024

With the increasing demand for online shopping, the logistics industry faces significant challenges and opportunities. To meet the growing needs, logistics operators must invest substantial funds in acquiring new logistics equipment, such as automation, intelligence, and digitization, to enhance operational efficiency and service levels. However, such investments can be a significant burden for many logistics operators.

Closed-loop Ecosystem
January 18, 2024

The PLT platform is an innovative and efficient solution that builds an innovative Closed-loop ecosystem model. It takes assets as the starting point, uses technology empowerment, combines operational needs, and aims to maximize industry ecosystem value.

Reitar PLT Platform –  (1) Comprehensive Solutions
January 16, 2024

As an integrated platform of property + logistics technology (PLT), Reitar provides asset management services to logistics asset investors, including funds, family offices, owners, high-net-worth investors, and other investors. At the same time, the group also provides professional "technology enablement" services to logistics operators and direct users.

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