“Property + Logistics Technology” PLT Platform – (2) Logistics Technology

Within the smart logistics ecosystem of the PLT platform, logistics technology equipment plays an important role comparable to the “Logistics Brain” – support from equipment is still required despite intelligent direction from the brain.

Logistics technology solution providers such as Lonlink Smart Storage Solution, CoEvolution Technology and logistics facilities partners contribute significantly to the smart logistics ecosystem.

Their functions and values include:

  • Providing smart storage solutions:

Logistics technology partners have independently developed hardware and patented technologies like smart shelving, stacking machines, and handling trucks. These solutions help logistics operators maximize warehouse space utilization, streamline goods handling, and reduce labor costs.

  • Satisfying needs across industries:

Customers from PLT’s partners represent diverse sectors, including pharmaceutical, energy, cold chain and food. Flexible and intelligent dense storage solutions facilitate each industry’s unique logistics and warehousing requirements.

  • Improving overall operational efficiency:

Products and services aid customers in optimizing warehouse space use, lower labor expenses, and conserve energy. These enhancements foster greater overall efficiency and more sustainable logistics operations.

  • Delivering one-stop solutions:

A holistic service covers warehouse planning, implementation, and delivery. This integrated support allows customers to readily develop and utilize warehouse systems without needing multiple vendors.

Logistics technology equipment facilitates operational digitization and general performance upgrades.

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