Asia’s First Full-Service iWaaS Logtech Platform NEXX Officially Established

RMB100 million invested in first quarter to build comprehensive smart logistics solution platform
Activates value of smart logistics assets, radiating from the Greater Bay Area to the world

NEXX, Asia’s first comprehensive intelligent Warehouse as a Service (iWaaS) logtech platform, was officially established, and has invested a total of RMB100 million in three key projects in the first quarter of this year to promote the industry’s intelligent and digital transformation, and build a comprehensive smart logistics solution platform to create greater value for customers and partners.

NEXX was co-founded by Mr. Houston Huang, the former CEO of J.P. Morgan Securities (China) Co., Ltd. with more than 30 years of investment banking experience; Mr. John Chan, Chairman and Managing Director of Reitar Logtech Group; and Mr Oscar Hui, Executive Director and former General Manager of SmartMore Logtech Group. The three founders combined their expertise in the fields of assets, logistics and technology with the aim of reshaping the logistics industry’s high-quality operating model by taking assets as the starting point and empowering them with technology to meet the needs of logistics operators.

NEXX recently held a launch event and kick-off ceremony, which was attended by representatives and partners from various sectors to witness the establishment of Asia’s first comprehensive iWaaS logtech platform. It has signed strategic cooperation agreements with representatives of various partners, marking the initiation of the first batch of investment projects following the establishment of NEXX.

At the ceremony, the three founders of NEXX delivered speeches elaborating on the opportunity, philosophy and mission behind its establishment, and showcased how advanced technology can be utilized to deliver innovative and efficient comprehensive smart logistics solutions to activate asset value on the asset side, while enabling operators to reduce costs and enhance efficiency, and establish a new smart logistics operating model. NEXX is committed to driving the advancement of intelligence and automation in the logistics industry by leveraging technology to optimise storage capacity and operational efficiency, maximising value at the lowest possible cost, assisting companies to achieve high-quality operations and improve profitability and sustainability.

Mr Oscar Hui, CEO of NEXX, also released the “2024 NEXX Supplier List”, highlighting NEXX’s “strategic suppliers”, “core suppliers” and “approved suppliers” in 2024. Each supplier will receive a maximum annual investment quota of RMB30 million to RMB200 million. Among its first batch of investment projects, NEXX committed RMB20 million to establish the “Hong Kong-Zhuhai cross-border e-commerce smart warehouse” in Zhuhai with suppliers including Libiao Robotics. Besides, it invested RMB30 million to build a smart customised high-speed packaging line in Hong Kong in co-operation with Yuto Packaging Technology and Huazhi Technology. It also invested RMB50 million to build a smart warehouse for the semiconductor industry in Shenzhen in cooperation with Lonlink Smart Storage Solution.

Mr. Houston Huang, Chairman of NEXX, said: “The logistics market presents boundless opportunities, spanning vast domains and exhibiting significant growth potential both domestically and internationally, particularly in China. I have full confidence in NEXX and its two fellow founders, aspiring NEXX to emerge as a prominent new-generation company, a truly world-class enterprise based in Hong Kong, and an exemplar for young entrepreneurs in the region. Selecting Hong Kong as the launchpad for NEXX was a deliberate choice, as I envision NEXX to serve as a conduit, bridging China and the global market, mirroring the role Hong Kong plays.”

Mr. John Chan, Vice Chairman of NEXX, said, “The NEXX logtech platform has tremendous influence on the entire industry ecosystem. ‘Empowering assets with logtech’ is a crucial strategic direction for future operations. As a key asset management tool, our property and logistic technology (PLT) solution can optimise rental income and boost asset value, while offering iWaaS services to logistics operators, allowing them to flexibly rent storage space and logtech facilities to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The era of passive real estate dividends has become obsolete. To achieve asset appreciation, it is essential to proactively enhance and activate asset values, with logtech being the sole viable path forward.”

Mr. Oscar Hui, CEO of NEXX, shared the scale and trends of the global logistics market and highlighted some of the pain points that the industry now faces, including insufficient land, labour shortages, and increasing time and efficiency requirements of enterprises, but these issues can be solved by logtech. He said NEXX has established strategic co-operation with leading logistics real estate and third-party logistics companies to accelerate the emergence of the next generation of smart logistics through innovation. “A comprehensive iWaaS logtech platform signifies a complete innovation encompassing assets, technology and services. In terms of capital, NEXX offers users investment opportunities in smart warehouse software, hardware, and storage and distribution functions through service subscription, enabling asset-light operations and significantly lowering the threshold for using smart warehouses. Technologically, NEXX assumes the role of the mastermind behind the entire smart warehouse system, overseeing the coordination and management of the entire supply chain ecosystem. Collaborating with suppliers, NEXX engages in extensive research and development projects focused on smart warehouse innovations. On the service front, NEXX leverages its ‘logistics brain’ to assist in smart warehouse management. By harnessing warehouse data and optimizing storage density, NEXX achieved a high degree of unmanned operation in complex picking and packing processes, which reduces reliance on human resources while improving efficiency and accuracy, reducing energy consumption and minimizing operational loss associated with packaging materials.”

About NEXX:

NEXX is Asia’s first comprehensive iWaaS (intelligent Warehouse as a Service) logtech platform jointly established by experts in assets, logistics and technology. It uses advanced technology to provide innovative and highly efficient comprehensive smart logistics solutions to actively activate asset value on the asset side, allowing operators to reduce costs and improve efficiency, helping companies achieve high-quality operations, boosting the profitability and sustainability of the logistics industry, and creating a new smart logistics operation model collectively. Based in Hong Kong, NEXX will leverage the geographical advantage of the Greater Bay Area to expand globally.

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