Reitar PLT Platform – (2) Closed-loop Ecosystem

The PLT platform is an innovative and efficient solution that builds an innovative Closed-loop ecosystem model. It takes assets as the starting point, uses technology empowerment, combines operational needs, and aims to maximize industry ecosystem value.

The Closed-loop ecosystem can provide an integrated solution integrating real estate, logistics technology, logistics operations, and other multi-party resources. It helps investors design and upgrade logistics property facilities and equipment according to logistics operator needs when acquiring assets. Costs are converted to operating expenses through rent or profit-sharing arrangements.

The PLT platform also helps logistics operators enjoy efficiency improvements and cost savings from advanced logistics technology when leasing or using logistics properties. It evaluates and incentivizes through service level or performance indicators.
In this way, the platform bridges information and funds flow between the logistics industry and investors, realizing the co-creation of assets and operations and creating a new Closed-loop operating model.

The ecosystem comprises different stakeholders playing distinct roles in achieving smart logistics goals.

Key stakeholders introduced and analyzed include:
Operational stakeholders like third-party logistics companies or platforms (e.g., e-commerce supply chain operator – FKMALLS Cross Border Supply Chain Ltd) oversee transportation, warehousing, sorting, and distribution.

Technology partners, such as logistics equipment providers like Lonlink Smart Storage Solution. They supply physical technologies like automated equipment.

Data partners include large-scale logistics networks using innovative technologies, one being SmartMore Logtech Group. These have extensive logistics databases and analytics capabilities, such as “LogiBrains,” which can monitor and analyze logistics operation data in real-time.
Asset partners, including logistics asset funds, provide capital and resources to support development goals.

Integrating the above elements establishes an ecosystem through joint stakeholder cooperation, promoting smart logistics progress and innovation to benefit customers. Reitar facilitates industry advancement through such collaboration.

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