Intelligent Upgrade in Construction Industry: High Efficiency Robots Build One Floor in Five Days

The shantytown renovation project in the Huangbuling District of Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province, Residential Building No. 3, is rapidly progressing. Surprisingly, despite the significantly fewer workers on-site, the construction efficiency is remarkably high. The contractor explained that this was due to the application of their self-developed “Cicada” residential construction robot system. This system integrates the traditional construction processes, including layout, rebar binding, formwork installation, concrete pouring, vibration, and curing. This human-machine collaboration has significantly improved construction efficiency and safety by utilizing automated robots that can operate in the air in close coordination with ground workers.

Undoubtedly, this innovative automation technology is revolutionizing the construction industry, and the demand for intelligent and automated technologies in the sector is rising. As a trailblazer in the ‘Architecture and Construction field, Reitar has quickly recognized and adapted to this trend, further solidifying its position as an industry leader.

One of a group member, Kamui, has rich experience in project management and construction. Leveraging its engineering and technology integration advantages, Reitar provides its clients with more intelligent and efficient comprehensive construction solutions while continuously investing in advanced automation technologies.

Reitar recently formed a strategic alliance with Lonlink Smart Storage Solution as a testament to its commitment to innovation. Together, they are spearheading the development of a fully automated high-density logistics center renovation project in Hong Kong. This collaborative effort is about creating a smart supply chain solution and leading the industry toward a new intelligent logistics model. These innovative technologies are poised to revolutionize the construction industry, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


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