Explore New Collaborations in Logtech Industry with SmartMore Technology

Reitar Logtech Group and KerryLogistics joined forces to visit #Smartmore Technology, our joint venture partner, at their headquarters in Qianhai, Shenzhen in May 2023. The aim of the visit was to discover new ways of collaborating and growing in the logtech industry.
The team marvelled at the SmartMore Museum of Innovation, which displays state-of-the-art technology for smart manufacturing. They also got to try out the SMore Vimo Smart Industrial Platform, the brain of smart manufacturing that provides full-stack solutions for the entire industrial process. Another eye-catching feature was the 3D projection for smart manufacturing, which shows how Smartmore Technology is revolutionizing the traditional manufacturing industry with artificial intelligence and big data.

The visit was a valuable chance for both parties to share their views and insights on the future of logtech. We are excited to work with Smartmore Technology to deliver more value for our customers and logistics industry.

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