Technology drives Asia Pacific’s transport and logistics industry, but end-to-end tracking needs improvement

According to a study by HERE Technologies, technology such as drones, cloud, IoT, and blockchain drives Asia Pacific’s transport and logistics industry. Despite this, end-to-end asset tracking and shipment visibility still need to be improved for regional logistics companies. Over half of the surveyed firms cited identifying the right partners or suppliers as their most significant barrier to technology implementation. Many logistics companies want turn-key solutions that are easy to implement, less expensive, less time-consuming, and require minimum labour-intensive system overhauls. The study also found that customer satisfaction is the strongest motivator for adopting logistics asset tracking solutions, while financial benefits such as increasing revenue and gaining a competitive edge are also prioritized. Looking ahead, more than a quarter of logistics companies in APAC are planning to invest in drones, robotics, and artificial learning.

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A Hong Kong E-commerce, Shopline, is implementing a cloud-based logistics platform.

The platform utilizes AI and data analytics to optimize logistics operations, including real-time inventory management, order tracking, and efficient shipping and delivery. The platform also enables small and medium-sized businesses to access a wide range of logistics and shipping options, providing them with the same capabilities as larger companies. This example highlights the growing trend of technology adoption in the logistics industry in Hong Kong, driven by the need to keep up with evolving customer demands and stay competitive in the market.

Let’s check out what Shopline is:

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