Introducing SnapControl: The Versatile and Adaptable Platform for Warehouse Automation

Synergy has launched SnapControl, a new orchestration platform for warehouse automation connectivity.

Unlike single-point solutions, SnapControl offers a uniform approach to automation that is device and technology agnostic. It prioritizes work, allocates tasks and workflows, and determines the best robotic devices for specific operations. With a low total cost of ownership and rapid time to value, SnapControl is ideal for mixed portfolios and multiple vendors offering both autonomous and manual systems.

The solution works seamlessly with SnapFulfil and any other WMS, OMS, or e-commerce front-end system in the cloud or locally. SnapControl allows customers to choose automation and robotic devices that fit their operational needs, making their warehouse more efficient and adaptable. This latest innovation from Synergy is set to revolutionize the warehouse management industry.

Benefits of using SnapControl:
1. Offered a low total cost of ownership
2. Customized based solution (more efficient, adaptable, and future-proof)
3. Integrated automation in their warehouses and improved their productivity

SnapControl represents a significant step forward in the industry and is set to transform warehouse automation.

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