Cut Fulfilment Costs and Prioritize Employee Well-being with Warehouse Automation

E-commerce expert Netrush has partnered with Brightpick to introduce warehouse automation solutions, potentially reducing fulfillment costs by up to 50%.

Brightpick’s Goods-to-Person solution uses autonomous mobile robots to retrieve storage bins and bring them to centralized human picking stations, reducing physical strain on workers and cutting fulfillment errors by 90%.

By automating order picking and using robots to retrieve storage bins, the solution reduces the amount of space needed for human workers to move around and access products, which in turn allows for more products to be stored in the same amount of space. The solution help to increases warehouse storage density by up to 250%, enabling Netrush to take on more partners without significantly growing headcount.

This investment reinforces Netrush’s commitment to employees who benefit from a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Netrush is the first company in the US to install Brightpick’s solution, paving the way for future installations.

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