Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Reitar and COFCO Group’s Hua Shan International Engineering

On Last Monday (1/29), Reitar Logtech Group and Hua Shan International Engineering Co., Ltd (COFCO Hua Shan), a subsidiary of COFCO Group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Reitar brings extensive knowledge in logistics operations and supply chain management, while COFCO Hua Shan specializes in refrigeration equipment sales and inspection. In this collaboration, both companies will fully leverage their strengths to develop and construct intelligent cold chain logistics projects jointly.

Benefiting from COFCO Hua Shan’s expertise in refrigeration equipment, Reitar’s smart logistics ecosystem will be further enhanced in terms of technology and operational efficiency.

The group is committed to driving end-to-end asset management through intelligent technology and innovative applications. This collaboration with COFCO Hua Shan will bring the group additional resources and cooperation opportunities, further enhancing its core competitiveness and market position.

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