JD.com opens its third self-operated warehouse to solve North American supply chain obstacles

JD.com recently announced the opening of its third self-operated warehouse and distribution center in California. JD.com’s logistics division in the United States stated that the company will use an automated system to eliminate the difficulties faced by the North American supply chain, including the sharp increase in warehouse demand and storage costs. The automated system will help process a large number of orders from e-commerce platforms, and the general manager of JD.com’s logistics division in the United States also stated that this is a challenge that JD.com’s logistics has the unique ability to solve at present.

JD.com’s logistics division is using the Container Transport Unit (CTU) system in the new warehouse. The intelligent system allows goods to reach their final destination through an intelligent delivery process, including being unloaded onto automatic conveyor belts and quickly scanned, classified, and stored by automatic robots. The system can fully utilize warehouse height to effectively increase storage units and improve warehouse operating efficiency.

Read more: 1) http://bit.ly/3Kl1n9K, 2) http://bit.ly/3M2EN77

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