Hong Kong Logistics is transforming to Smart Logistics

[Upgrading Hong Kong Logistics Services and Promoting the Development of Smart Logistics]

The Hong Kong government launched the “Third-party Logistics Service Provider Subsidy Scheme” in 2020 to promote the global logistics industry’s development towards automation, digitization, and intelligence. The pilot scheme has successfully facilitated the upgrading and transformation of the logistics industry, with examples including the purchase of 24-hour operational automated navigation/unmanned handling vehicles and an IoT cold chain system. In addition, the scheme will cover more related projects such as automation technologies, robotics, AI technology applications, and logistics supply chain analysis systems to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of Hong Kong’s third-party logistics service providers.

Source: http://bit.ly/3JjU5Bs
Read more about the Pilot Scheme: http://bit.ly/3TokDq4

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