AI-Powered logistics firm Gently launches in Los Angeles with Decentralized Supply Chain

A new logistics firm, Gently, has launched in Los Angeles, delivering its first item and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a fully decentralized supply chain across the US by 2040.

Gently uses AI and predictive data to complete last-mile deliveries, creating a more efficient and sustainable supply chain with faster deliveries. The firm hopes to position itself as an alternative to major e-commerce and delivery providers, offering micro-fulfilment centers owned and operated by individuals in local communities.

Gently’s system employs predictive machine learning that uses data from retail partners, consumer purchase behavior, and third parties to predict demand spikes and supply shortages.

Gently’s system offers several valuable points for the logistics industry:

  • Decentralized Supply Chain: This approach can reduce transportation costs and delivery times by bringing fulfillment centers closer to consumers.
  • Last-Mile Delivery: Gently can optimize last-mile deliveries and improve efficiency by leveraging AI and predictive data.
  • Predictive Machine Learning: This technology can help to prevent problems before they occur and enable proactive measures to be taken.
  • Alternative to Major E-Commerce Providers: Gently provides an alternative option for retailers and businesses looking to optimize their supply chain operations.

The launch of Gently highlights the potential of AI to transform supply chain management for small businesses and entrepreneurs and marks a significant development in the logistics industry.

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