Carton shuttle robot takes control of elevators

The 4-Way carton shuttle robot is a new application for horizontal and vertical movement in the high-density warehouse storage system. The robot helps store and retrieve cartons/totes in the system. It equips with grippers for catching cartons/totes on the rack rail to achieve Inbound put away and outbound order picking.

The 4-Way carton shuttle robot is similar to a 4-way pallet shuttle vehicle. The 4-way shuttle vehicle can travel, retrieve and store goods in four directions while working with elevators for vertical movement. For example, while receiving the order from WMS, it works with elevators and helps store and retrieve the box or pallet from the upper level to the lower level or reversely, and transport them to other shuttle facilities.

1. Minimize the building area of racking
• Under the same storage volume level, the aisles of the 4-Way carton shuttle system are less than those of traditional racking.
2. Maximize the option of warehouse layout
• Utilizing the warehouse area but with fewer restrictions, more options are available for users.
3. Maximize the Flexibility, modularization, and scalability
• The 4-Way carton shuttle system is highly adaptable for different industries and helps to increase the storage capacity.
4. High Autonomy
• The system can integrate warehouse conditions and assign tasks according to the idle conditions of the robots.

The 4-Way carton shuttle robot system is adept in order picking and replenishing.


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