Grocery warehouse: The Benefits of Pallet Live Storage (PLS) Systems

Picture this: you stroll into your favourite grocery store with your shopping list, only to find that your go-to product is out of stock. Frustrating, right?
But fear not because Pallet Live Storage (PLS) is here to save the day.

PLS is a cutting-edge warehousing and logistics solution that transforms the way bulk stock items, like soft drinks, are stored and moved. Say goodbye to traditional pallet racking systems and hello to inclined roller lanes that can store and move pallets on multiple levels, providing up to 50% more storage capacity on the same footprint.

PLS offers a wealth of benefits for grocery retailers, from faster and more efficient order picking to higher storage density and the ability to store products on multiple levels. Thanks to the reach trucks that can be used to place pallets on the upper levels of the PLS, and the delivery lanes for pallet loads of bulk stock lines on the ground floor, products can be sent directly to stores or transported to Goods Out with ease, ensuring that customer demand is always met.

But the benefits continue beyond there. PLS also operates on the FIFO principle, guaranteeing product rotation and freshness – a vital aspect of grocery store replenishment. In short, PLS is a true game-changer for grocery logistics operations, delivering the flexibility, efficiency, and density needed to keep the shelves stocked and customers happy.

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