Reitar and COFCO HuaShang Jointly Host Large-Scale Smart Logistics Seminar in Shenzhen

Last Friday (22/03), Reitar Logtech Group, COFCO HuaShang International Engineering (a subsidiary of COFCO Group’s COFCO Engineering & Technology), Kamui Cold Chain Engineering (Reitar Group’s subsidiary), and Smartmore Logtech Group jointly organized a large-scale smart logistics seminar in Shenzhen. This marked the first collaborative event between Reitar Group and COFCO HuaShang. To commemorate the occasion, Mr. John Chan, Chairman and Managing Director of Reitar Group, led a team of nearly thirty people to attend. Additionally, Mr. Sean Zhang, Director and Deputy General Manager of China Resources Enterprise (Shenzhen), led a delegation of over twenty people, including representatives from China Resources Logistics Group, wholly owned by China Resources Enterprise, which has invested over billions of Hong Kong dollars in acquiring six large-scale logistics assets projects in Hong Kong in recent years, to participate in the seminar and engage in in-depth discussions on the future development of smart logistics.

One of the activities during the seminar was a visit to successful large-scale cold chain automation projects in Shenzhen, including the SZI Intelligent Logistics Hub (SZ Liguang) and the SZI Intelligent Logistics Hub (SZ Yantian) project, which COFCO HuaShang undertook as an EPC contractor. COFCO HuaShang showcased various standards, including the operational model of automated warehouses in cold chain smart logistics, intelligent warehouse monitoring and energy management, and cold chain logistics operation through intelligent networking. Reitar Group has established a strategic partnership with COFCO HuaShang, and its subsidiary, Kamui Cold Chain Engineering, will jointly promote standardized smart cold chain logistics in Hong Kong and international markets.

In addition, the participants also visited the headquarters museum of Shenzhen Smartmore Logtech Group, Smartmore Museum of Innovation, to gain insights into how the leading smart logistics technology company pioneers and guides the development of the industry in smart cold chain technology. Mr. Oscar Hui, CEO of NEXX (the first WaaS smart logistics platform in Asia) and Executive Director of Smartmore Logtech Group, introduced the latest developments in smart cold chain technology and shared the innovative WaaS (Warehouse as a Service) model of smart logistics platform during the seminar.

Through case visits, project sharing, and discussions, the corporate representatives jointly explored the trends in cold chain automation, smart logistics technology, and the future development of the cold chain industry, thereby promoting further advancements in smart logistics and the cold chain industry.

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