Creating Cross-Border Synergy in the Greater Bay Area: (3) Hezhou New Area to Become a Cold Chain Logistics Distribution Hub

Enhancing the supply chain can drive regional economic development, facilitate industrial mobility, and foster a situation of westward and eastward expansion. The logistics industry located on the west bank of the Pearl River is crucial as it connects domestic and international trade routes, facilitates east-west and north-south connectivity, and serves as the logistics core of the Greater Bay Area.

Among the Bay Area cities, Hezhou New Area, situated in the southwestern part of Zhuhai, is an emerging region on the west coast of the Pearl River with the potential to become a logistics core of the Greater Bay Area.

The functions of Hezhou New Area are as follows:

1) Logistics Hub on the West Bank of the Pearl River:
It possesses functions such as commercial offices, logistics warehousing, trade services, and port inspections, serving as the logistics center for the west bank of the Pearl River.

2) Bay Area Cold Chain Distribution:
It establishes designated supervision places for meat, fruits, fresh and frozen seafood, and edible aquatic animals, developing an exclusive channel for fresh produce that connects with Hong Kong, Macau, and the global market.

3) Bonded Zone:
It includes bonded warehousing, aviation logistics, and re-export trade functions, promoting cross-border trade.

Stay tuned for the next episode for the other vital functions of Hezhou New Area.

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November 3, 2023

The trailer transport station industry is an up-and-coming sector, particularly within the diversified industrial landscape of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). This industry play a vital role in providing efficient transfer and distribution services, catering to the concentrated distribution requirements of large volumes of goods, thereby enhancing logistics efficiency and transportation capacity.

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