Cure the Hurt, Boost the Work – Our Core Value

Nexx Boost the Work

WaaS addresses pain points in warehouse operations, delivering significant impact and efficient services!

Impressive Results:
Achieve an investment return of 25%-50% for every warehouse!

Boost Efficiency:
NEXX, through one of its models, WaaS, increases warehouse capacity by 1.5 times, labor intensity decreases by 70%, and energy savings reach 1.3 times!

Solving Pain Points, Maximizing Value are the core value of our business.

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NEXX Boosts More with WaaS!
May 3, 2024

NEXX, leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic thinking, offers flexible and efficient solutions that empower businesses to maintain a competitive edge.

We do WaaS
April 25, 2024

WaaS (Warehouse as a Service) is an innovative logistics service model that leverages capital investment, technological advancement, and quality services to help customers quickly experience the benefits of smart warehousing and lower their entry barriers to upgrading smart warehousing.

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