NEXX’s Full-Service iWaaS Logtech Platform – Building a Comprehensive Smart Logistics Ecosystem

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, smart logistics has become a pivotal driver of success. To meet the constantly shifting market demands, NEXX has established an integrated iWaaS (intelligent Warehouse as a Service) logistics technology platform, with the aim of fostering a comprehensive smart logistics ecosystem. The ultimate objective is to provide a robust logistics service network and ecosystem, allowing all stakeholders in the logistics industry to thrive.

The Transformation by NEXX:

1. Establishing a Smart Logistics Ecosystem:
At the heart of NEXX is the mission to connect various stakeholders and establish an interconnected logistics service network and ecosystem. Within this ecosystem, logistics operators, smart logistics technology providers, logistics real estate and capital providers, as well as brands and SMEs, are all cooperative partners of NEXX. This partnership dynamic fosters mutual benefit, creating an integrated and synergistic smart logistics ecosystem.

2. Logistic Digitalization Services (LogiBrain):
By leveraging big data and advanced logistics technology, NEXX’s smart logistics technology ecosystem has collaborated with AI unicorn SmartMore to build the “Logistics Brain” (LogiBrains). The LogiBrain serves as the core of the smart management platform, capable of optimizing the smart logistics system and improving overall operational efficiency. By tapping into the power of the LogiBrain, NEXX’s ecosystem can better respond to evolving market conditions and provide precise, tailored logistics solutions.

3. Mitigating Risks in Heavy Assets Investment and Operation:
To address the capital challenges faced by operators, NEXX’s logistics technology ecosystem provides multi-source funding to assist operators in upgrading their smart logistics capabilities to meet market demands. This financial support not only helps reduce the risk burden on operators, but also opens up opportunities for investors who are interested in the smart logistics field but may lack industry familiarity. By partnering with NEXX, investors can enter the high-growth logistics market while mitigating the complexities of logistics operations.

Through the establishment of a smart logistics ecosystem, the provision of logistics digitalization services, the mitigation of risks in heavy assets investment and operation, as well as the exploration of the smart logistics market, NEXX has created a truly comprehensive smart logistics ecosystem. This model not only focuses on connecting various stakeholders, but also provides a robust logistics service network and ecosystem, offering endless opportunities for continuous innovation and development in the logistics industry.

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The representatives of both sides held a signing ceremony witnessed by a group of key officials.
July 2, 2024

Hong Kong's intelligent logistics technology platform NEXX announced today (27/06) that it has signed an investment cooperation agreement with the Zhengling Venture Capital, the government guidance fund of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai, to jointly build a Hong Kong-Zhuhai smart logistics ecosystem, develop innovative technology projects, and promote the transformation of smart logistics.

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