Creating Cross-Border Synergy in the Greater Bay Area :(1) Xiangzhou and Hezhou New Areas to Establish Modern Smart Logistics Centers

At the end of 2018, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Government issued the “Opinions on Constructing the New Pattern of Regional Development with ‘One Core, One Belt, One Zone’ to Promote Coordinated Development in the Province.” This marked a significant milestone in the implementation of a new regional development plan.

The integration process of the core area in the Pearl River Delta has gained momentum, driving high-quality development in the region. The growth of the eastern and western wings has also strengthened, with the coastal economic belt emerging as a focal point for development in Guangdong’s new era.

Innovation hubs such as Qianhai in Shenzhen, Hengqin in Zhuhai, Nansha in Guangzhou, and Hetao in Shenzhen have played a pivotal role in connecting various elements of the innovation chain in the Pearl River Delta, where aims to establish the innovative-Smart Logistics hub. Additionally, the establishment of provincial-level laboratories in Shantou, Zhanjiang, and other regions has fostered a wave of collaborative innovation across Guangdong.

In response to these policy initiatives, the main cities in the coastal economic belt have experienced robust growth, fueled by the development of high-level coastal industries. Strategic plans have been implemented along the western coast of Zhuhai in key areas such as Hezhou New Area, Xiangzhou, Jinwan District, Doumen District, and the High-Tech Zone.

Let’s begin by introducing Hezhou New Area and Xiangzhou in Zhuhai:

1) Xiangzhou District, located in the northwest part of Zhuhai, is one of the city’s primary urban districts. It focuses on next-generation information technology, smart appliances, and live-streaming e-commerce as key industries. The district aims to establish itself as Zhuhai’s hub for technological innovation, attracting high-tech enterprises and innovative projects.

2) Hezhou New Area, situated in the southwest part of Zhuhai, is an emerging region along the coastal area of the west bank of the Pearl River. It prioritizes cross-border logistics, the marine economy (including marine fisheries and island tourism), and exhibition trade and financial industries. The vision for Hezhou New Area is to develop it into Zhuhai’s modern logistics center and a demonstration zone for the marine economy.

In the upcoming article, we will delve into Jinwan District, Doumen District, and the High-Tech Zone.

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November 3, 2023

The trailer transport station industry is an up-and-coming sector, particularly within the diversified industrial landscape of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). This industry play a vital role in providing efficient transfer and distribution services, catering to the concentrated distribution requirements of large volumes of goods, thereby enhancing logistics efficiency and transportation capacity.

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