3rd Step of Conversion: Building Alteration and Addition (A&A) Works Commence

A member of Reitar Logtech Group, KAMUI, is undertaking a renovation project on an industrial building to transform it into an automated smart cold chain logistics centre.

Several modifications and additions have been made to the entire building to achieve the goal. For example, we will construct a new transformer room and main switch room to increase the power supply, and floors modification to allow automated equipment to pass through different levels. The entire renovation plan has been submitted to the Building Authority for approval and has been granted.

At the end of May, we applied for the building works to the Building Authority (Application for Consent to the Commencement and Carrying out of Building Works or Street Works). In other words, the renovation and addition works have officially commenced.

Furthermore, following the approval conditions, we have conducted a structural appraisal for the affected parts of the building using a rebound hammer method under the guidance of a structural engineer to ensure that the building’s structural condition can withstand the entire renovation and addition plan.

Stay tuned for more updates on the automated storage and cold storage facility.

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