NEXX Broadens Its Footprint in the Middle East to Foster Closer Ties

Founder and Chairman Becomes Technology Startup Mentor at Qatar Science and Technology Park as NEXX Enters the Region

(March 19, 2024) – NEXX, Asia’s first comprehensive Warehouse as a Service (WaaS) logistics technology (Logtech) platform, made a major announcement last month that is turning heads across the industry. The newly established company revealed three key investment projects totaling RMB 100 million for Q1 2024.

In a significant development, NEXX’s founder and chairman, Mr. Houston Huang, along with his team, were recently invited to visit the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) in the Middle East. They met with key QSTP members, including President Dr. Jack Lau. In a prestigious appointment, Mr. Huang has been named a technology startup mentor for the organization.

NEXX utilizes advanced technologies to provide innovative and efficient comprehensive smart logistics solutions to improve operational efficiency in the global logistics industry. Mr. Huang’s extensive leadership experience, including his former position as CEO of J.P. Morgan Securities (China) Co., Ltd., will provide invaluable guidance to QSTP’s startup community. His role will focus on nurturing the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem and supporting the growth of world-class innovation companies.

QSTP is a cornerstone of Qatar’s economic development strategy, fostering technological innovation and entrepreneurship. The park’s startup mentor network offers mentorship and resources to help technology startups overcome growth challenges. With professionals across industries, the network connects entrepreneurs with subject matter experts to share insights, make strategic connections, and drive business success.

As the first Chinese President at QSTP in a century, Dr. Lau aims to attract more global technology firms to establish operations, facilitate knowledge sharing, develop talent pipelines, and use Qatar as a launchpad for regional growth.

Through one-on-one meetings, group sessions, and virtual collaborations, Mr. Huang will mentor QSTP entrepreneurs, imparting his expertise to cultivate their skills and propel their ventures forward. Concurrently, he will spearhead NEXX’s expansion into the Middle Eastern market, leveraging QSTP’s ecosystem for research, talent acquisition, and investment opportunities.

“I’m honored to join QSTP as a technology startup mentor,” stated Mr. Huang. “This opportunity allows me to collaborate with entrepreneurs in Qatar, championing innovation and entrepreneurship. I look forward to making meaningful contributions to the startup community while forging impactful connections with mentors and industry leaders.”

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