Laughter Yoga Workshop in office: Relieving workplace mental stress

To promote a mentally healthy and friendly work environment for our employees, we participated in the mental health promotion initiative organized by the Occupational Safety and Health Council. We signed the “Mental Health Workplace Charter” and recently arranged a “Laughter Yoga Workshop” organized by the authorities in our office. The purpose was to allow colleagues to relax and unwind during workdays, relieve workplace mental stress through practicing laughter yoga, and enhance everyone’s psychological well-being in facing everyday challenges. At the same time, nourishing soup was also provided for all colleagues to enjoy on that day to promote healthy eating and encourage everyone to drink more water and soup instead of soft drinks.

We will continue to actively promote mental health and strive to establish a mental health-friendly workplace of mutual respect and positivity, enabling employees to maintain a balance of mind and body even amidst their busy work schedules.

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