Creating Cross-Border Synergy in the Greater Bay Area :(4) Hezhou to become the Logistics Hub

The functions of Hezhou New Area are as follows (II):

1) Bay Area Cross-border Trade Center:

As the central warehouse for cross-border e-commerce in the Bay Area, it provides integrated services for intelligent sorting, inspection, customs declaration, and release, facilitating convenient trade processes.

2) Integrated Information Platform:

It collaborates with satellite warehouses in neighboring cities such as Zhongshan and Jiangmen, establishing a logistics network on the west bank of the Pearl River, enabling information sharing and coordination.

3) Hong Kong and Macau Aviation Center:

It provides comprehensive land-based operations for airport cargo terminals, facilitating goods transportation between the Bay Area and Hong Kong/Macau.

4) Western Terminal:

Equipped with maritime and cross-border e-commerce regulatory facilities, it facilitates cross-border trade.

Through establishing and integrating the functions mentioned above, Hezhou New Area will become the logistics core of the Greater Bay Area, promoting regional economic development, facilitating industrial mobility, and fostering trade cooperation within and beyond the region.

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