【HKET】Groundbreaking Ceremony Commences for Hong Kong’s Largest Automated Cold Storage Project in Kwai Chung

【HKET】The conversion of a warehouse into a large-scale automated cold chain logistics center was officiated at a groundbreaking ceremony by Mr. Ivan Ho, Chief Executive Officer (Hong Kong, China) of KaiLong Group, and Mr. John Chan, Chairman and Managing Director of Reitar Logtech Group.

The ceremony was attended by representatives from Kamui Construction & Engineering Group, the main contractor, Reithub Consulting Limited, subsidiaries of Reitar Logtech Group, and SmartMore, the IT architect of intelligent logistics solutions.

The conversion project will incorporate innovative technologies such as efficient refrigeration and freezing equipment, intelligent real-time monitoring, control and adjustment systems, to enable fully automated operations. This will improve the efficiency and sustainability of logistics warehousing and ensure that the cold chain is maintained throughout the entire storage and transportation process.

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