Logtech Empowerment • Smart Logistics Strategic Collaboration Press Conference and Summit

Reitar Logtech Group Limited (“Reitar”), a provider of Property + Logistics Technology (PLT) solutions for end-to-end asset management services, is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with Zhuhai Gree Group (“Gree Group”) and SmartMore Logtech Group (“SmartMore”). The collaboration will be initiated at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Bonded Logistics Industrial Park project by Zhuhai Gree Group, leveraging the strategic location advantages of Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The aim is to develop the new trade corridor facilitated by the bridge, utilizing each party’s brand, technology, and talent resources to create a vital hub for cross-border logistics operations in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, thereby achieving high-quality operations for logistics parks within the region.

Today, the three parties held the “Logtech Empowerment • Smart Logistics Strategic Collaboration Press Conference and Summit” at the Hong Kong Science Park. The event introduced the opportunities for smart logistics development in Zhuhai and Hong Kong to experts, scholars, clients, and stakeholders from the technology, logistics, and investment sectors. The development plan of Jinwan’s Gaolan Port project in Zhuhai was presented, along with presentations of innovative logistics technology applications. The conference also shared insights on the implementation of the ” West in West out” strategy and the new model of separating heavy and light asset operations These initiatives aim to promote synergies and collaboration in smart logistics between Zhuhai and Hong Kong, offering opportunities for cooperation.

Tian Qingzhao, Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Bonded Affairs Bureau of Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Area, and Jin Zhu, Senior Leasing Manager of Industrial Development Center, Zhuhai Gexin Development Co., Ltd., presented the status of the Jinwan’s Gaolan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Bonded Logistics Park by Gree Group. They highlighted Zhuhai’s development strategies and policy support in the field of smart logistics, emphasizing the city’s significant position as an innovative technology hub. Tian Qingzhao stated, “Zhuhai is one of China’s most important port, and Jinwan’s Gaolan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone is currently the only comprehensive bonded zone in Zhuhai. It officially commenced operations in early June this year and represents the highest level of openness, offering the most favorable policies, complete functions, and simplified procedures among all customs special supervision areas. Jinwan’s Gaolan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone aligns with Zhuhai’s goal of building a modern and internationally-oriented economic special zone. It focuses on the coordinated functions and industrial linkages between the ‘Dual Ports’ (Jinwan Airport and the Gaolan Port) and the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, promoting the integration of advanced manufacturing and service industries, with a particular emphasis on international logistics and cross-border e-commerce.”

According to the agreement, Gree Group’s Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Bonded Logistics Park in Zhuhai will serve as a pilot project for the collaboration, while Reitar Logtech Group will bring in quality clients with the provision of integrated solutions. SmartMore Logtech Group will be responsible for offering automation and smart logistics system solutions to enhance the overall warehouse capacity and operational efficiency of the project. Mr. Jin Zhu, Senior Leasing Manager of Industrial Development Center, Zhuhai Gexin Development Co., Ltd., said, “Located in the Zhuhai Gaolan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Bonded Logistics Park enjoys a series of tax incentives and streamlined import/export regulatory measures. With a total site area of about 296,700m2 and a total investment of about CNY2.397 billion, the project focuses on the development of bonded logistics, research and development, manufacturing and maintenance industries.”

The establishment of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a major development strategy under the new era of national reform and opening up. It aims to deepen cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, fully leverage the comprehensive advantages of the three areas, promote deep integration within the region, and drive synergistic development of the regional economy. As the only city in the Greater Bay Area connected to the two special administrative regions, Zhuhai, with its advantages in geographical location, port and logistics infrastructure, and policy support, has become an important hub and logistics service centre for the logistics industry in the Greater Bay Area. With the strategic planning of Zhuhai as a logistics hub, its port functions have been continuously optimized, and the “West in West out” channel of the Greater Bay Area has gradually formed, enhancing its capacity and influence, greatly supporting the development of cross-border logistics and improving logistics efficiency.

Through this strategic collaboration, the three parties will realize a new model of smart logistics connecting Zhuhai and Hong Kong, leveraging Logtech to empower the entire industry’s asset value and jointly improve the business environment of the logistics industry. They will also seize the opportunities presented by the shift in the logistics and transportation layout in the Greater Bay Area, and contribute to the development of the boundary control points economic belt, aiming for “wide consultation, joint construction and shared benefits.”

The conference featured keynote speeches from five esteemed guests. Mr. John Chan, Chairman and Managing Director of Reitar Logtech Group, introduced Reitar’s PLT solution and the new operating model of WaaS. He said, “As a means of asset management, the Group’s PLT solution helps optimize rental income and increase potential of capital growth, while bringing the benefits of smart logistics to operators. The Group also provides services to operators through the WaaS model, utilizing modern logistics technology infrastructure, including warehouse management systems (WMS), automation equipment, and data analysis tools, to improve warehouse operation efficiency and accuracy. In addition, by leveraging its own logistics asset network, it facilitates logistics transportation and distribution for operators.”

Mr. Oscar Hui, Chief Executive Officer of SmartMore Logtech Group, introduced the Reitar smart logistics ecosystem and said, “This collaboration is the first project of the Reitar smart logistics ecosystem in the Greater Bay Area. It adopts a new model that combines capital, policy, research and development and business operations, and has established a clear and transparent supplier system to facilitate the establishment of long-term partnerships.”

Mr. Huson Chan, Managing Director of Reitar Capital (Zhuhai), shared how to achieve asset-light operations for logistics operators and customers as well as increased asset investment returns for owners and investors through strategic cooperation and capital empowerment, realizing a win-win situation for participants in the industrial chain. He said, “The strategic cooperation between Reitar and Gree is based on a 1+3 layout, with 1 ecosystem and 3 capitals. The joint venture established between the two parties builds an industrial ecosystem, technology, scenarios, and supply chain, supported by smart logistics funds, warehouse equipment funds, and digital supply chain financial services.”

Mr. Li Linzi, founder and CEO of WhaleHouse Technology, who is committed to promoting the digitalization and sustainable development of the logistics industry, introduced the opportunities and challenges of retail intelligent shared warehouse in the Greater Bay Area. He said, “Against the backdrop of retail digitization, the warehousing industry is faced with the opportunity of intelligent upgrading and replacement, and cross-border e-commerce is essentially a global competition in the supply chain, in which intelligent warehousing is in a special position as the hub.”

In the closing session, Ma Yunlong, founder of Lonlink Smart Storage Solution, shared how Lonlink enables industrial and commercial buildings to realize intelligent transformation of warehousing and logistics. He said, “When establishing warehouse spaces in industrial and commercial buildings, several common pain points often arise, including space wastage, high costs, and complex space utilization. Lonlink’s four-way shuttle vehicle solution can achieve high-density storage and high storage utilization rate, and adapt to multi-layer and irregular spaces. At the same time, by utilizing autonomous operation of unmanned warehouses, it can save labour, energy and construction costs.”

Gree Group’s Zhuhai Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Bonded Logistics Industrial Park will become an exemplar of smart logistics, injecting new impetus into the logistics system of Zhuhai and the entire Greater Bay Area. In the future, the partners will continue to strengthen cooperation, drive the digitalization upgrade of the logistics industry, explore more applications of innovative technologies, and strive to build a more intelligent, efficient and sustainable logistics network.

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